The Story Behind My Why

We all have a story. A story about ourselves, a story about why we do what we do. Thus a story of whom we are. This is the story of my why I. It is also the cornerstone of Translation Services LTD.
While attending ConExpo in March of 2008 I found my personal “why”. ConExpo is an exhibition of everything to do with the construction industry.
I was a newcomer to the language translation industry. Yes, I was in sales, making the calls, attending trade shows, gaining ground. I learned what our industry did, but I wasn’t connected to why I did what we did. Nor did I know the agency why. What was their motivational factor?
On the second day, my coworker and I sat for lunch at an outdoor table. Like every trade show, people will ask if they could sit at our table. “Sure, why not,” I said and the passing of business cards took place. I glanced at the company’s name but did not recognize it, thanked the gentleman anyway. Glancing at my business card saying, “You’re in the language translation industry; I have a story for you”. I responded with something like, “Please share, I’m always interested in learning.”
“Bob” started; “A few years ago I contacted a couple of translation companies regarding a 10-page user guide. I got prices from $900 to $1,500 I thought that’s high. In that market we had a great distributor who spoke great English, I contacted him. He stated, “I’ll do it for free”, free is cheaper than $1,500.00. He had been our in-country distributor for over ten years, a native speaker, well educated, so why not. First time the user guide was used; there was a horrific industrial accident.”
Bob’s face changed from that of one enjoying time in the sun to one with something bothering him. He continued, “We reenacted the procedure 10 times following the translated version, ten times we had the same industrial accident. Bob’s face of enjoying his lunch on a sunny Las Vegas day had now disappeared. “We found the mistake in the translation and fixed it. There was a financial settlement involved.
Today we have a different distributor, we take translations extremely seriously. Five years later I still have trouble sleeping. This could have been avoided it had chosen the right path.”
As I listened to Bob’s story and instantly realized the importance of what I do. I never want a client to have that feeling. I never want a prospect that uses a different translation agency to have that feeling.
This is my driving force and now, the cornerstone of Translation Services LTD.

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