About Us

It is our desire for our clients to understand the arena of language translations, managing projects, creating budgets, developing a comprehensive program, and protecting the assets created so they can be better positioned within their International Markets. Guiding clients through the workings of Translation Memories and project Turn Around Time is paramount in taking ownership of translation materials and your company’s future.

Helping a client understand their individual markets within the Global Economy is part of Localization. How a client approaches one market is different in their approach to another.

Whether your company is new to Language Translation-Localization or has previously been involved in the translation of materials from one language to another, Translation Services LTD is here to assist in improving your presence within the International Market Place.

Industry Education

What do you need to do to expand your markets and protect your company? The working of this industry and how you stay in control can be daunting at times. When you have questions regarding the language translation industry, we are your experts.

We believe in the public education of best practices within the world of language translations. Thus, we are involved in the writing of articles and presenting to organizations and companies alike from the perspective of an educator.

Whether you are new to language translations, or have been involved for a number of years, you will find our information useful. It is our goal for you to be better informed and to assist improving your company’s standing in the market place.

Green Initiatives

Translation Services LTD recognizes the importance of recycling and takes steps whenever possible to reduce our impact on the environment. We use recycled paper products and our production department utilizes re-purposed computers, office equipment and furnishings. We are committed to adding less to landfills and preserving the environment!


We believe strongly in the motto of the AEM (aem.org) “I Make America”. By providing quality translations, our clients stand to improve their international markets.

Other associations include: American Translators’ Association, Metropolitan Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce, and World Trade Association-Educational Committee.