Market Recovery through Market Understanding

As I always say, I learn more from my customers by just listening. A few years ago, I met with a Senior Director of a global manufacturing company of construction equipment. I’ve always been impressed with their equipment, aggressiveness in the market place, and commitment to the needs of their customers. They are true students … Continue reading Market Recovery through Market Understanding

A Free Translation; How Much Could it Have Cost Us?

The following is a result of a LinkedIn posting to promote our own company, Translation Services LTD, yesterday on June 20, 2016. Initially, we were going to place the following line in German for the fun of it. "Translation Services LTD production department is getting a "make over".   We strive to improve to better serve … Continue reading A Free Translation; How Much Could it Have Cost Us?

So You Like “Free Online” Services?

Who doesn't like Free stuff? However, there is always a cost associated with “free”, whether we want to admit it or not. The original English version below is from an actual installation manual. By using a “Free Online” translation service, I placed the English version and translated it into Spanish. I then took the Spanish … Continue reading So You Like “Free Online” Services?

Language Translations: Proofing vs. Editing

Recently, I was asked to explain the difference between what “proofing” of a translated document (normally done at no charge) is and “editing” of the same document. Charges for an edit can run up to 60% of the cost of the initial translation. The following is a basic definition and policies that different language service … Continue reading Language Translations: Proofing vs. Editing